Browns Point / Dash Point Real Estate

    Browns Point is famous for its jaw-dropping sunsets, stunning views of the Puget Sound, and Tacoma’s only lighthouse that sits on a beautifully manicured national park. Once considered remote and more of a vacation destination, Brown’s Point is growing into a place where people call home. It’s a relaxing lifestyle located in Northeast Tacoma with an easy drive to work, but it still has the incredible restaurants and nature’s finest trails, where life is filled with peace and tranquility. With our properties located right on the waterfront, it’s almost like you can see forever over the blue waters and capture an incredible view of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains. When relaxing in Browns Point, you can see the big city in the distance and feel a sense of calm surrounded by sea lions and bald eagles, with boats passing by your front door.

    History and Culture
    Browns Point has an amazing and rich history, starting from its simple roots. The area used to be a part of the Puyallup Indian Reservation and fog was such a problem, shipping to Browns Point was nearly impossible. That’s why it was necessary to build a lighthouse. But it was no easy task. The fog bell was built in Philadelphia before Washington became a state in 1889. Then it was brought in by ship, and then attached to a two-story structure. A contract keeper named Oscar Brown was hired to row his boat to the point each week just to clean the glass, trim the wick, and refuel the tank. The Browns Point “Bake,” known as “The Original Salmon Bake” is a historical treasure off the waters, attracting thousands of people with fresh salmon dinners, live entertainment and a beer garden. Visitors flock to Browns Point to see the Lighthouse Park and tour the historic 1903 restored Light keepers Cottage and Boat House museums and learn more about the area history, including an exhibit recounting the life of Jerry Meeker and maritime and lighthouse history.


    Natural Beauties and Views
    After hearing these great stories, we knew that people wanted to live the dream of owning a house right on the waterfront, seeing the early morning fog, and owning the experience of Browns Point. That’s why we are leading the way in selling people the best homes with awe-inspiring views to those who appreciate a delicate mix of humble beginnings and life living on the water in Browns Point. As a result, people are living out their fantasies and also becoming a part of a long-standing tradition.

    Facilities Overview
    Browns Point is getting national recognition when it comes to education that living here is a privilege to many parents who want a first class education for their children. It’s received impressive reviews, including its public elementary school, which has been ranked as one of the best in the state of Washington. The philosophy of teaching is one on one attention to children and it is working in spades.

    Browns Point is a secret that is getting out quickly. Beyond the huge turn-out of visitors who want to tour the famous light house, the “Browns Point Improvement Club” raises funds to keep the lighthouse in great condition. When someone asks you, what is your destiny? We know firsthand it’s Browns Point. Imagine living a life within a short commute of flourishing cities, owning an affordable home with mind-blowing views, boating within a mile from where you live, and creating a future for your family. It’s an investment that is not just smart, it’s creating a picture of your future, and that picture is beautiful.

    Dash Point Park (Tacoma,WA)
    Dash Point Park (Tacoma,WA)

    Dash Point is an urban neighborhood located along the Puget Sound in Federal Way, Washington. Dash Point neighborhood real estate is primarily made up of medium sized (three – four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes. There are many wonderful view homes in this area as well. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied.

    Dash Point is a somewhat historic, walkable, densely populated neighborhood on the water. This gives the neighborhood a very nautical feel, with some seaside and shipping feel, which some may really enjoy the sights and sounds of. Many times, such places have amenities that bring locals and visitors to the waterfront for recreational activities or to check out the scenery. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Dash Point try soaking in an amazing sunset or do a little fishing from the Dash Point Park Pier.

    Dash Point Park (Tacoma, WA)
    Dash Point Park (Tacoma, WA)