Thanksgiving Traditions

    10 Amazing, Hilarious, and Strange Thanksgiving Traditions

    Assorted Thanksgiving Traditions from friends & family.

    1. Host Misfits’ Thanksgiving, open to anyone who has no better place to go. The rule is, we provided ham, turkey, and pumpkin pie. You brought whatever ‘makes’ Thanksgiving for you- whether that’s curry or goulash or green bean casserole.
    2. A few years ago, we started a tablecloth that each of the kids each year makes a hand turkey on it, decorate it and put their name and date on it….it is starting to fill up….fun to see their art skills develop and how big their hands are getting.
    3. Cut out a construction paper turkey & feathers. Everyone is required to write one thing they are thankful for on colored feathers, which are then glued on the turkey. Laminate it, and keep each year’s.
    4. We name and dance with our turkey when we clean it prior to stuffing it and cooking it. My parents did it when I was a kid and now I do it with my kids. Only my kids look at me like I am nuts.
    5. After dark on Thanksgiving, we play hide and go seek with cars. We break up in teams, decide who is driving which car…. we’d establish the game borders on a map of the town, and one car would be “it”. Everyone gets 15 minutes to find a hiding place, park and turn off their lights. Then the “It” car would drive around slowly looking for them. the last car not found is “It” next. It was a small town, where everyone knew them, so we never got shot or arrested for hiding in weird places in a car with our lights off.
    6. Our family pulls out all the old family videos and watches them after
    7. I let the kids take all the leftover mashed potatoes n stuff that doesn’t reheat well and have a food fight in the yard after dinner. They do the same thing with the “guts (minus the seeds) after carving pumpkins.
    8. We like putting things to be thankful for on strips of paper and baking them into the rolls. We call them thankful rolls!
    9. The traveling gourd. A dried gourd painted w a face who goes to the family member who is traveling farthest in the upcoming year. They take it w them on their travels and send regular updates about the gourds Adventures. The gourd is of course named Gourdy.
    10. The men in the family do a pre-eating weigh in, then compete to see who can gain the most weight during the meal before a post-meal weight-check. Lots of water, lots of mashed potatoes, and a whole bunch of women shaking their heads in confusion over why.

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