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    Spring Has Sprung! Now It’s Time To Clean.


    spring-clean-your-browns-point-homeEarly morning greetings of singing birds, the scent of fresh cut grass, trees and flowers blooming back to life, all welcoming a new spring season. We all love enjoying the longer days as the seasons change, awakening new opportunities with every sunrise. Along with the beauty of the season, comes the old adage of embarking on some spring cleaning, or cleansing, as I like to refer to it.

    While some areas that need work are obvious, most of us don’t know where to begin when looking to do some deep cleaning, recycling, or throwing out. Here are 21 ideas to begin your spring cleansing adventures:

    1. Dust blinds, tops of doors and windows, appliances, trim, beds, tops of cupboards, etc.
    2. Clean and/or replace entry mats.
    3. Sweep and scrub floors, shampoo carpets, vacuum.
    4. Move furniture around to clean floors.
    5. Wash all rugs and throw blankets,
    6. Clean bedding—sprinkle pillows and mattresses with baking soda, let sit for 30 minutes and vacuum.
    7. Go through your clothes, shoes and accessories. Donate all items that you don’t need anymore.
    8. Thoroughly wash windows and window sills, vent covers, and floor registers.
    9. Wash and sanitize doors and knobs.
    10. Clean out all drawers, rid your space of items you don’t need.
    11. Organize pantry.
    12. Clean fridge and toss out all expired food items.
    13. Clean appliances with your favorite cleaner or a mixture of vinegar, Dawn dish soap and baking soda.
    14. Vacuum couches.
    15. Clean and dust television screen and other electronics.
    16. Deep clean showers, toilets, sinks and wash shower curtains.
    17. Toss out hair products, soaps, make up, etc. that you no longer use, or have expired.
    18. Wash inside and outside washing machine.
    19. Unscrew lint cap on washing machine and wash it to remove build up.
    20. Power-wash pavement and outside of house.
    21. Sweep porches and walkway.

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