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    Protect Yourself From Wind Damage

    6 Ways To Protect Your Home From Wind Damage In the Puget Sound Area

    Wind storms can be very damaging to your home or property if you are not prepared. Unfortunately, we rarely get much warning before a large wind storm so it is critical to prepare your home ahead of time. Routinely checking, fixing or updating areas around your home can make the difference between a hundred dollars and thousands of dollars in damages.

    Here are six ways to prepare your home before the next storm hits:

    • Is your roof in good shape?
      1. Your shingles should be nailed down properly and all secured together.
      2. Replace any missing shingles immediately.
    • Make sure your garage door is secure.
      1. Sometimes this means hiring a company to inspect your garage door to ensure it is properly secured and functioning well.
    • Secure all outdoor items.
      1. Grills, patio furniture, trampolines, etc. These items can cause a lot of damage if the wind is strong enough to pick them up.
    • Ensure your gutters are properly secured and clean them out regularly.
      1. Clogged cutters can create water damage to your house. They are also more likely to break in a high wind storm if they are weakened by heavy debris.
    • Are your windows storm proof?
      1. Installing storm proof windows can make a big difference in protecting your home from high winds and hail from a storm.
      2. If you don’t have storm proof windows, consider installing steel or aluminum shutters on your windows or sliding doors to protect them from flying debris.
    • Remove or trim/maintain trees around your home.
      1. Trimming your trees of dead wood can help prevent large branches falling during a wind storm.

    Be sure to routinely check and maintain your home so you are ready before the next storm hits the Puget Sound.

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