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    Daylight Savings Time (5-part Blog: Part 5)

    In Closing…

    The one thing that both proponents and opponents for daylight savings time agree on is the fact that it is a hassle. It’s just one more thing that we must place on the list of things to do. If changing the clocks weren’t enough of a bother, the practice of checking the batteries in your smoke detector became yet another thing that officials remind you to do after changing your clocks. This leaves us wondering what else officials will add to the list in the future. Perhaps we should check for fleas on the dog and clean out our closets as well? We are being facetious, but it is rather curious as to how that particular thing got attached to daylight savings time.

    For now, it looks like daylight savings time is here to stay because there are studies that support it. As to whether or not the people support the idea is up for grabs. We are quite sure the conspiracy theorists could have a good time with this subject. In fact, during our research, we came across a rather humorous article on a daylight savings time conspiracy theory from the Huffington Post.  (The article was written in 2007. This was during the George W. Bush administration. Apparently, the writer had a friend named Fred who loved to spin a good conspiracy theory for every subject, and would then proceed to connect it to the current administration. She is not sure what he does for a living, though she thinks he is either a hair stylist or an accountant. The article is worth reading just for the opportunity to imagine Fred on the other end of the phone line wearing a little tin foil hat!)

    Get ready to “fall back.”

    Daylight saving time ends Sunday morning, which means we get to luxuriate in an extra hour of sleep before rising — perhaps to run the marathon, perhaps to cheer the runners, perhaps to go to church, perhaps to do nothing at all.

    It’s Sunday, after all.

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