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    Daylight Savings Time (5-part Blog: Part 1)

    Waking up on time can be quite confusing when daylight savings time goes into effect. The practice of daylight savings time is something that most people have come to accept over the years. Formally, the term daylight saving time is correct, but we prefer the popular term daylight savings time.

    How Daylight Savings Time Began

    Daylight savings time was both a wartime idea and a German idea. Beginning in 1916, Germany and its World War I allies first used daylight savings time for the conservation of coal during the war. Britain, its allies, as well as most of Europe’s neutrals followed suit. Russia and several other countries decided to wait until the following year to implement daylight savings time. The United States adopted the practice in 1918. Since that time, the world has seen much legislation, enactments, changes and repeals regarding the issue of daylight savings time. Among Americans, the legislative part of the subject of daylight savings time becomes the very first argument against the issue. Should time be legislated?

    Part 2 will be posted tomorrow discussing the Legislation of Time. Part 3 will follow around the Health Arguments. Part 4 will look at the Economic Perspective and Part 5 will Wrap it All Up.

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