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    2-weeks in… How’s those Resolutions?

    OK, it’s now 2-weeks into the new year.  Time to do a reality check for those that set new years resolutions!

    According to Statistics Brain, the number 1 New Years resolution is to lose weight.  Yet, after only 2 weeks into the year 29% of people already gave up on that goal.  I’ll say that again, 2 weeks into the year, 29% of people gave up on their New Year’s resolution!!!

    It’s not hard to believe this sadly, and it’s pretty easy to understand why.  Just stay up any given night to watch infomercials and you’ll see any number of products claiming to offer a quick fix for weight loss and/or to get in better shape.

    I have one secret for you though.  The secret to weight loss, or any fitness / health challenge isn’t a quick fix you buy off the TV.  The secret is consistency!  Working out just 3 times a week, for 30 minutes each day can lead to increased self-esteem.  It’s the consistency that helps people stay motivated.

    There’s one tool that I highly recommend for anyone looking to lose weight, get healthier or faster.

    Keep a daily journal.

    If your looking to lose weight, keep a food journal.  This can be app based like Fitness Tracker, an excel spreadsheet, a calendar hanging on your kitchen wall or just a piece of paper hanging on your refrigerator.  The trick is to make sure you use it consistently, meaning everyday, to keep track of what your eating.  Here’s how a journal can help you with your weight-loss goals:

    Write down EVERYTHING you eat, drink and snack on. Track it for a week, you will be amazed and will want to keep it up.

    Doing the above, is extremely eye-opening.  People sometimes don’t realize it’s all the small stuff and liquid calories that are the most harmful.

    It holds you accountable.  By measuring and documenting everything, your accountable to yourself to keep good records and stay on track to your goals.  Don’t let yourself down!

    Studies show that you are about 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  So write down your goals, hold yourself accountable by documenting your progress each week, and if you really want help find a friend or family member with similar goals and hold each other accountable!

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